What Our Clients Say

Brad & Terry Hart

I was desperate to find a paint shop that could finish my classic. The last body shop guy ripped me off and had my car for almost six months. I called S&M and they finished the job in a week. I was shocked but even more impressed with the quality work.

Terry J. Brown

Was very pleased with the job,very professional and accurate, Johnny and the technicians at S&M Auto Body know their jobs. We will be happy to their shop in the future and refer my friends for their auto body repair. Thanks Johnny.

Las Vegas Body Shop

Joseph Peterson

The experience was great! The staff at S&M made me feel like family and helped me get my car back faster than I thought. They took care of the rental car, the insurance claim and gave me my baby back.

Vernice Saunders

The technician who did the work on our Land Rover, has over 30 years of auto body and paint experience. I felt very confident that he was able to do the job correctly and properly, which he did. So I’m very happy with the outcome. The bottom line is that I save thousands from the dealer and couldn’t be happier.

Edna J. Young

I would definitely recommend S&M Auto Body. To me they are the best body shop in Las Vegas. I’ve actually recommended them to several of my friends. Just the convenience of the whole aspect where you can go about your life and get your work done and you don’t need to take the car anywhere or deal with your car not being available when you need it is great.

Harold Gibson

I had an accident at 3 in the afternoon. They sent over a tow truck right away and by 5 my car was in the shop and all the paperwork was done. They got me a rental car and I was home by 6 for dinner. My car came out great and the service and quality of the work was amazing. Thank you!