Frequently Asked Question

At S&M Auto Body, Paint and Repair Services we want to make fixing your car as simple, and hassle free as possible. Below are some frequently asked questions.

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I have a new car; do I need to take it to a dealership for paint and repairs to keep my warranty valid?

No! Forget all about that old myth. As long as you follow the specifications given by the manufacturer (which can be found in your handy owner’s manual), your warranty is valid. At S&M Auto Body, Paint and Repair, we always follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. We’ll make sure your warranty remains valid and your car remains happy – for many miles to come!

My car is a leased vehicle. Am I responsible for maintenance?

Even if you lease a vehicle, you are responsible for all maintenance and repairs required to keep the vehicle in good working order as outlined in the owner’s manual. Paint and body damage should all be covered by your insurance. Most leased vehicles have a higher amount of coverage. You will still have to pay deductibles in most cases.

Can I use after market parts of do I need parts form the dealer?

Check your owner’s manual. It will give you all of the information you need regarding specific parts and warranty information.  Warranties are there to protect the consumer, but you must follow the requirements. In most cases we can use after market parts, which keep costs down and generally are just as good or sometimes OEM parts.

How does the quality of aftermarket parts compare with original equipment parts?

Some are manufactured by the same supplier and may even be warrantied longer than original equipment parts. Aftermarket parts supplied by us meet or exceed manufacturers’ specifications. Your safety and quality work are our first priorities.